Imna Isfahan Municipality to support women in 1395 ISFAHAN (Imna)- Mayor of Isfahan pointed out that Respect to the customer that the first priority for the municipality, said the municipality moves to ethics.
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Dr. Mahdi Jamalinejad at a meeting of representatives of women of  municipal areas that was held for the problems of women employees, in employees Day at the Council Chamber said, reverence client stating that the first priority for the municipality. He said we want to cooperate with the city council and named the year 95 of the women. It is necessary to have constant presence of women in the program.
Isfahan mayor said in 1395, municipalities will have special care to women in the areas of consulting capabilities.
He continued all the problems to be solved where we will be, of course, women must demonstrate their abilities in various fields and helping us.
Jamalinejad said some of the problems are solvable and the others cannot be resolved, I promise I will follow up and resolve issues that in municipality.
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