Isfahan named creative city by UNESCO Tehran, Dec 14, IRNA - Isfahan metropolis has been elected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as Creative City and joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN), announced recently by the Isfahan mayor.
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Mahdi Jamalinejad said that Isfahan is the first Iranian city to join UCCN, according to the English-language paper Iran Daily.

The UCCN, as the most trustworthy world network, was established by UNESCO, and Isfahan was elected as member of the network on account of its handicrafts and popular arts.

Based on the UNESCO statement, the innovation — as the driving engine of urban sustainable development accompanied with social participation and cultural mobility — may bring a better future for the city, said Jamalinejad.

“So, urban management is taking preliminary steps in this field by following up the registration process for Isfahan with the UCCN,” he said.

He thanked all those who had made this achievement possible and said that urban management program concerning such an important event would be announced shortly.

According to the UNESCO standards, creative city is a town which uses its citizens’ innovation and capabilities in sustainable urban development.

The UCCN was founded in 2004. The network covers seven creative fields: ‘Crafts and Folk Arts’, ‘Media Arts’, ‘Film’, ‘Design’, ‘Gastronomy’, ‘Literature’ and ‘Music. 
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