Iran, Romania ties to improve in post-sanctions era: Isfahan mayor Isfahan, Sept 19, IRNA – Isfahan Mayor Mehdi Jamalinejad said that the level of economic ties between Iran and Romania has been low in recent years but it is expected to improve in post-sanctions era.
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In a meeting with a Romanian diplomatic delegation, he added that the two countries boast of great capacities in the fields of tourism, information technology and urban services. As a central province in Iran, Isfahan has greater attractions in the field of tourism as well as higher industrial and historic capacities,
he said. The city has recently been registered as the city of handicrafts, the official said. Referring to sisterhood ties between Isfahan and Iasi of Romania, Jamalinejad said that the two countries' ties are not confined to the two cities. The two countries' ties were positive in recent years, he said, noting they have promoted their friendly relations by 
dispatching cultural artistic groups. Isfahan-Iasi sisterhood memorandum of understanding was signed in 1999 based on which the two cities agreed to cooperate in cultural, social and developmental areas. Located in eastern Romania, Iasi is among the advanced cities of Romania in social, cultural, scientific and artistic terms
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